My Story

I grew up in a small oil patch town in Northern Alberta.  After I graduated I started my welding apprenticeship and by 21 I owned and operated a contract welding company.  At 24 I decided that I wanted to take it a step further so I decided to go to school in Scotland for commercial diving/underwater welding.

My Debt and financial troubles

I finished school only to come out and have a recession hit the underwater world. I couldn’t find a job anywhere and was forced to move back home and find a job.  Work at home was scarce, since this recession had reach  our industry as well.  There were no welding jobs to find anywhere.


  School was extremely expensive and had put me into massive debt.  My credit cards were maxed, my line of credit was maxed.  After school tuition, all my living expenses and the fact that the conversion rate between Canadian Dollars and British Pounds had kicked my ass.  My debt had reached $52,000.  To add to this stress my accountant had called me and let me know that there had been an error in my last tax return and that I owed the government another $10,000.


I had never been this stressed and wasn’t sure what I was going to do.  I decided to take action. I decided that if I didn’t start to fix the problem than it would always be there. I created a long term plan to pull myself out of this massive debt.  It was like my financial blueprint out of this mess. I stuck to my game plan with extreme discipline.  I didn’t stop until everything was paid off and I then began to start saving mass amounts of money.  I learnt many things along the way and want to share all those tips, strategies and techniques with you.  Through this process I learnt the power of self discipline and productivity.  I learnt many habits for success that I continue to use to this day.  I was able to climb out of this hole and after three years I had also bought my first house, Paid off my vehicle, had enough saved to start really investing for my future and began to travel the world.  


It was a hard, shitty road but I made it through it. I had to make some sacrifices, miss a few parties but in the end it was worth it.  I have got to see many incredible places, and haven’t worried about money in a very long time.  My savings and spending techniques have allowed me this new lifestyle.  I am very confident in all my courses, books, blog post and daily emails because it is everything that worked for me.  The things that I will teach are not extremely difficult, all it takes is a for you to practice focus and discipline on a consistent basis.

"Now i am able to live a better life and experience more of the freedom i always wanted."
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